Potash feldspar

Potash feldspar is a chemical component which is used as a flux in the chemical reactions to bring down the melting and boiling points of the chemicals used for the reaction and manufacture of the required products. Also used in industrial application for their alumina and alkali content.

Silica SiO2 66% (+/- 1%) 68% (+/- 1%)
Alumina Al2O3 18% (+/- 0.5%) 17% (+/- 0.5%)
Potassium Oxide K2O 12.8% (+/- 1%) 10% (+/- 1%)
Sodium Oxide Na2O 2% (+/- 1%) 3% (+/- 1%)
Titanium Oxide TiO2 Nil Nil
Calcium Oxide CaO Nil Nil
Magnesium Oxide MgO Nil Nil
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 0.06% (+/- 0.01%) 0.08% (+/- 0.02%)
Loss on Ignition LOI 0.1% 0.2%

Silent Features:

  • Best for Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Manufacturing - Application in both Glaze (K2O > 11.5%) & Body (K2O >10.5%) – gives White Firing Colour.
  • Glass Grades – better fluxing from K2O > 10% (total alkalies > 13%), Alumina > 17% for strength, Low Iron Fe2O3 at < 0.5%.
  • High Potash K2O >11% for Flux coated Welding Electrodes.


In the manufacturing of ceramic products, Feldspar is the second most important ingredient after clay. Feldspar does not have a strict melting point, since it melts gradually over a range of temperatures. This greatly facilitates the melting of quartz and clays and, through appropriate mixing, allows modulations of this important step of ceramic making. Feldspars are used as fluxing agents to form a glassy phase at low temperatures and as a source of alkalies and alumina in glazes. They improve the strength, toughness, and durability of the ceramic body, and cement the crystalline phase of other ingredients, softening, melting and wetting other batch constituents.

Feldspar assists the enamel composition, assuring the absence of defects and the neatness of the end product: e.g. enamel frits, ceramic glazes, ceramic tile glazes, sanitary-ware, tableware, electrical porcelain and giftware.

  • Wall & Floor Tiles – glazed Tiles, Vitrified Homogenous Tiles, Fast Firing, Third Firing.
  • Vitreous Porcelain – Tableware & Other Ceramic product.
  • Enameled Ceramics & Potteries.
  • Technical & Advanced Ceramics.
  • Vitrified Pipes & other Products.
  • Frits & Glaze.

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